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Chinese Geographical Science, bimonthly, is an international journal published in China from 1991. It is sponsored by Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and jointly published by Science Press of China and Springer of Germany. It mainly publishes papers, research reports, review, book review and so on, covering physical geography and its sub-disciplines, human geography and its sub-disciplines, cartography, remote sensing, and geographic information science.

Basically requirements

1) Content must be consistent with the scope of the journal. What′s more, highlighted theme, clear point, reliable data and rigorous structure are required.

2) Manuscripts should include title, author, affiliation, abstract, main text and references in order.

3) Manuscripts from Chinese authors should be revised by native English-speaking experts to ensure the English expression smooth and vocabulary appropriate. Otherwise, it will not be considered.

4) All the privacy information, including authors, affiliations, foundation information, corresponding author and acknowledge etc., must be avoided in the manuscript in order to peer review.

Specific requirements

Title: A brief and informative title less than 20 words is required. It must indicate clearly the nature of the subject, and should not contain the symbols, codes, mathematical formulas, chemical structures and so on.

Author and affiliation: The spelling of author′name should be consistent with the custom of different countries in principle. For Chinese author, the order is the last name, then the first name, without hyphen between them, such as LI Wenyan; For foreign author, the first name, then the last name, such as Leslie SMITH. Use commas between authors. The full address of author′s institution must be given, and initials of the content words are capital and italic. In subsequently, city, zip code and state name should be listed.

Abstract and keywords: An informative, self-explanatory abstract, about 200 to 300 words, must be supplied in one paragraph. It should be telling why and how the study was made, what the major results and conclusions were. It should not contain any formulas, tables, figures or references. More than five keywords briefly summarizing the essential contents must be provided.

Foundation item and corresponding author: Foundation item name and foundation number should be stated as a footnote in the bottom of the first page. Meanwhile, corresponding author′name and E-mail are needed.

Section Headings: All the headings must be brief and accurate. Section headings should be numbered (e.g., 1., 1.1, 1.1.1, 2., 2.1, etc.).

Formula: Formula in the text must be in a separate line and in the center. Subscripts including symbols and numbers representing for variation must be italic, while mathematical symbols (like sin, exp, e, ln, d, etc) and English abbreviation (for example, max, min, lim and son on) should be normal. Foreign letters must pay close attention to the case, capital or not. Confusing letters mentioned in the first time must be marked especially.

Figures: Figures must be made by computer. National boundaries in the figures should be drawn as the standard base map published by China Cartographic Publishing House recently. Taiwan Province and South China Sea Islands must be not forgotten. Finally, the figure number, caption and note should be marked in the manuscripts.

Tables: Each table should be numbered consecutively (Table 1, Table 2, etc.). In tables, symbols must be italic and units should be normal. All data in the table must be accurate and consistent with the description in the text. Footnotes in the tables are preferable to long explanatory material in either the heading or body of the table. Such explanatory footnotes, identified by superscript letters, should be placed immediately below the table. Please provide a caption (without abbreviations) to each table, refer to the table in the text and note its approximate location in the margin.

References: All the references must be published in public, if not, added as the footnote in the same page. All the references must be translated into English, indicating the original language, such as (in Chinese). All publications referred to in the text should be presented in a list of references and arranged by the author′ s name-year system. In the text, a reference identified by means of an author′s name should be followed by the year of the publication in parentheses where appropriate, such as (Wen, 1998). When there are more than three authors, only the first author‘s name should he mentioned, followed by ‘‘et al.’’. In the event that an author cited has had two or more works published during the same year, the reference, both in the text and in the reference list, should be identified by a lower case letter like ”a” and ”b” after the date to distinguish the works.

Acknowledgements: Acknowledgements of people etc. should be placed in a separate section before the References.


1. Book or chapter in book:

Wen Qizhong, 1989. The Loess Geochemistry of China. Beijing: Science Press. (in Chinese)

Carrard C, Sinisgalco D, 1995. Policy co-ordination for sustainability: Commitments, transfers and linked negotiations. In: Goldin I et al. (eds.). The Economics of Sustainable Development. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 106–124.

2. Journal article:

Lee K S, Chung E S, 2007. Hydrological effects of climate change, groundwater withdrawal, and land use in a small Korean watershed. Hydrological Processes, 21(22): 3046–3056. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.6513

3. Newspaper article:

Chen Zhikai, 2000. Water shortage in the northern China is more and more momentous. The People’s Daily, 2002-10-23(2). (in Chinese)

4. Dissertation:

Trent J W, 1975. Experimental acute renal failure. Los Angeles: University of California.

5. Internet publication/Online document:

Doe J, 1999. Title of subordinate document. In: The Dictionary of Substances and Their Effects. Royal Society of Chemistry. Available via DIALOG. of subordinate document. Cited 15 Jan 1999.

Submission requirements

Manuscripts submitted to this journal should not have been published, or simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Papers must be submitted to the editorial Department of Chinese Geographical Science through Online submission ( Three to five reviewers should be provided in the same time. In order to contact with authors freely, please provide full address for correspondence, including telephone, fax number and e-mail address when submission.

About published fee

For foreign authors, it is completely free of charge for publication, with no page charges and reviewers fee.

Submission URL:

Tel: 86-431-85542243

Fax: 86-431-85542298



Editorial Department of Chinese Geographical Science

8888 Shengbei Street,

Changchun 130102

P. R. China

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